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Microfiber SuperSuede

Quantity: 10 Units
Price: $39.99 $29.99
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SuperSuede is super absorbent dries quickly and very different from regular, Terry Microfiber, Waffle weave, or velour weave Microfiber. Super suede is not designed to cling to the surface like the others. It literally takes off the grease and film in a single swipe.

SuperSuede Microfiber is very different. It glides effortlessly across the surface, polishing to a high shine with a natural polish-like friction. This unique trait makes SuperSuede Microfiber one of the finest polishing materials in the world

Our SuperSuede Microfiber towels are a man made fiber 100 times finer than human hair, and 10 times finer than silk. The fiber is split, creating a super absorbency (7-10 times its own weight) and the ultimate in cleaning properties.

SuperSuede Microfiber (80% polyester and 20% polyamide) is the finest weave of all. With over 95,000 fibers per square inch, it is softer and finer than any other Microfiber or conventional cloth available today.

 » Safe for all types of skin
 » Great for removing makeup
 » Great for cleaning and polishing musical instruments
 » Great for cleaning and polishing jewlry and lenses
 » Great for cleaning and polishing crystals and optical instruments.
 » Can be machine washed over 300 times.
 » Saves you time and money

SPECIAL: 50 for $ 100.00
SPECIAL: 1000 for $ 1500.00

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