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HS Orange Peel Eliminator

Quantity: 1 litre
Price: $69 $59
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Most paints and clears will leave behind an orange peel look on your cars painted surfaces. This is because most high solid paints and clears when used with HVLP guns or standard paint guns tend not to flow smoothly through the gun and this causes the paint to look "uneven" and give it that orange peel effect. Sicalsi was developed to solve this problem especially in high solid paints. It helps the paint flow through the gun more smoothly and because of it's unique composition dries the paint from the inside out and stretches it making the painted surface look like glass. This has produced spectacular paint jobs for many of our customer who have won many prizes at concourse and local car shows.

  •  Speeds up drying in HS primers by 70%
  •  Eliminates powdering & microbubbles
  •  Reduces sanding considerably
  •  Helps paint flow more smoothly through the gun
  •  Hardens paint & clear coats from the inside out, stretches it and eliminates the orange peel effect
  •  Gives the surface a smooth tight finish similar to the original paint

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