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Car-Boat Compound

Quantity: 1 Quart
Price: $49.95 $39.95
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Menzerna’s Intensive polish easily removes 2000 grit sanding traces, swirls and paint defects. It removes these defects with minimum or no loss of surface gloss. On most light colors you can go from Intensive Polish directly to finishing with your favorite wax or sealant. On dark color paints finishing with Hi Gloss 707 will produce a completely swirl-free, high gloss surface. Intensive polish can be used on freshly painted surfaces with or without a clear coat.', 'Menzerna Intensive Polish PO91E is very different and unique because it actually removes swirls, like a compound, yet minimizes or eliminates haze, like a polish. Unlike most other compounds and polishes the Intensive Polish is water-based. What is important to note is that the petroleum distillate in the Intensive polish it is not a solvent, but a lubricant. It will not soften or affect the curing of fresh paint. Intensive Polish is also very unique because it does not contain fillers or wax or silicones or glazes of any kind.

Intensive polish PO91E is a water based polish
  •  Quickly and effectively removes 2000 grit sanding scratches on fresh paint
  •  Will remove swirls and not just fill them
  •  Removes light scratches
  •  Removes water spots
  •  Removes surface oxidation
  •  Leaves little or no compounding haze
  •  Can be used with dual-action polishers
  •  Designed for optimum results with circular polishers
  •  Uses less product
  •  Produces less residue
  •  Uses only the highest quality milled abrasive in the world

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