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Car-Boat Compound

Quantity: 1 quart
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This is the polish used by Mercedes Benz in Germany.
Menzerna's Micropolish PO87MC is silicone free and easily removes 2500 grit sanding marks from fresh paint. It is a perfect as a haze and swirl remover after compounding with Powergloss or Intensive polish on all dark colors. This polish can be used after compounding or anytime as a preparatory step to waxing. Menzerna's Micropolish removes old wax, minor spider webbing and creates a clean, smooth, highly reflective surface', 'Menzerna's Micropolish PO87MC restores gloss to black and red finishes without creating polishing lines. This is a true, professional, finishing polish. Most other polishes hide minor swirls with fillers and increase surface gloss with gloss agents. Micropolish contains no glaze, fillers or silicones. Minor spider webbing is removed, not just covered-up. Paint gloss is improved by polishing the surface to a micro-smooth, highly reflective finish, not by adding a glaze of silicone oils.

Micropolish is a water based polish
  •  Used after compounding with Powergloss or Intensive polish
  •  Quickly and effectively removes 2500 grit sanding scratches on fresh paint
  •  Safe for fresh or factory cured paint with or without clear coat.
  •  It will not affect the curing process of new paint and will not create swirls.
  •  Will completely remove compounding haze (surface dullness)
  •  Will restore to a high gloss, swirl-free finish
  •  Can be used with dual-action polishers
  •  Designed for optimum results with circular polishers
  •  Uses less product
  •  Produces less residue
  •  Uses only the highest quality milled abrasive in the world

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