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Hand Protector

Quantity: 500 ml / 1/2 oz
Price: $10 $7.95
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Hand protector and nourishing cream.

Protects your hands from OIL, GREASE, WAX & PAINT
Contains Vitamin e and Aloe Vera.

What is Magik Glove?

 » An advanced protective coating that will make cleaning your hands easy.
 » Eliminates the need for all kinds of hand soaps.
 » Leaves your skin clean, soft and smooth.

Why use Magik Glove?

 » Water soluble, completely biodegradable, environmentally safe and non-hazardous.
 » Does not cause irritation and has a mild, pleasant scent.
 » An excellent way to protect your hands while performing a dirty task, without losing any of the feeling and precision of your fingers, and without the hassle of gloves.

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