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Floor Dust Control

Quantity: 5 litres
Price: $175 $140
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Controls dust by attracting it and keeping it on the floor.

Alsion is a product that is not an antistatic, but a static that attracts dust to the floor thereby reducing dust in the air. It helps give a better finish to painted surfaces due the reduction of dust particles in the air as well as reduces your labour (less sanding and polishing required due to less imperfections on surfaces) and improves the air and your health.

  • Alsion is a product, which attracts plastic, wood, or mineral dust etc. to the ground.
  • When sprayed on the floor it triggers a very strong ionic reaction that neutralizes the electrostatic mechanism of dust.
  • Alsion is recommended for porous grounds such as concrete floors, or porous coatings.
  • Its ionic reaction helps to reduce and eliminate dust in all machine tool shops, automotive paint booths, lacquer shops, and other shops that do sanding, cutting, varnishing etc.
  • Alsion acts as a disinfectant.
  • Alsion is 90% biodegradable
  • Alsion is a silicone free product

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