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Wood Filler

Quantity: 400 ml
Price: $39 $34.95
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The perfect wood filler

Alsibois is used by the Louvre in Paris and is considered the premium wood filler in Europe today. It has an exceptional adherence and comes in 8 different colors. All the colors can be mixed with one another to get the color you need and can then be stained once it is dry. It looks like wood and acts like wood and can be used to repair the most difficult areas.

  •  Easy to color as wood for a perfect finish
  •  Absorbs shades and water shades and different shades of stains to look exactly like wood
  •  Fast drying. Dries within 15 to 20 minutes at room temperature
  •  Can be worked like wood without damaging blades or tools
  •  Because of its exceptional adherence and bonding Alsibois can be used in the most difficult of situations (Sculpting, repairing furniture legs, table corners, etc.)
  •  Alsibois does not shrink after drying
  •  Will not absorb moisture
  •  Alsibois can penetrate into micro pores and micro cracks and still provide a wood like appearance after the surface has been machined
  •  Various colors of Alsibois can be mixed to obtain the color you want (comes in 8 different shades)

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