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Fibreglass & Polyester Filler

Quantity: 1 litre
Price: $59 $49.95
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The interlaced fibres provide a superior finish and quality to the repair in less than 20 minutes

Most fibreglass fillers shatter on impact and will leave marks like spiderwebs on surfaces. Alsi 20 is a superior fibreglass filler that will not leave any such telltale signs and will not shrink or absorb moisture. Alsi 20 is perfect for repairing fibreglass on cars, in boats, Sea Doo's, Ski Doo's etc. as well as many other polyester materials. Used by repair specialists all over the world for a strong long lasting, and beautiful finish.

  •  Extremely strong yet fast working
  •  Easy to use
  •  Flexible
  •  Will not shrink
  •  Will not absorb moisture
  •  Superior repairs
  •  This polyester resin was especially designed to work with fibreglass and polyesters
  •  Will not clog up the sandpaper

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